Beauty Meets Technology

We understand that your skin can have multiple concerns, and these concerns may vary over time. That's why we've designed the STARLA 7-in-1 LED Mask, combining seven facial treatments in one. Our innovative wireless LED Mask stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity, reduces acne, and evens out skin tone and texture. This treatment is the ultimate skincare tool that can help you combat signs of aging, breakouts, and skin discoloration all-in-one within the comfort of your home.

STARLA 7-in-1 LED Mask

Elevate Your Natural Radiance in Just 15 Minutes!

  • Blue Light Therapy for Breakouts

    Blue Light Therapy (475-495nm) cures bacterial acne, reduce breakouts and oil production, calms redness, sun damage, and helps tighten skin.

  • Red Light Therapy for Collagen Production

    Red Light Therapy (620-750nm) boosts skin collagen production and its elasticity, circulate blood flow, reduce wrinkles and fine line to youthful anti-aging skin. This light could also reduce excessive oiliness.

  • Green Light Therapy for Skin Discoloration

    Green Light Therapy (525-570nm) evens out skin tone, help reduce dark spots and inflammation. This light could also treat acne and target the symtoms of rosacea.

  • Yellow Light Therapy for Pigmentation

    Yellow Light Therapy (590-620nm) minimizes the appearance of pigmentation (hyper), redness, and swelling. It also manages inflammation and rosacea.

  • Purple Light Therapy for Acne Scars

    Purple Light Therapy (420-450nm) heals acne scars and helps minimize pores by producing new cells to the skin.

  • Rose Red Light Therapy for Cell Regeneration

    Rose Red Light Therapy (400-420nm) promotes cell regeneration and improves sagging skin to smooth appearance of skin.

  • Clear Blue Light Therapy for Elastin Skin

    Cyan Light Therapy (490-500nm) helps cure acne caused by bacteria, stimulates skin elastin production, and reduce inflammation and redness.